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Hence the huge palaces of the Spanish nobility which have such an air of empty ostentation from the greatness of their size compared with the mediocrity and scantiness of their furniture, were absolutely required in the golden days of Spain, by the patriarchal habits of baer possessors. They were little better than vast barracks for the hereditary generations of hangers on, that battened at the expense of a Spanish noble. These patriarchal habits of the Spanish nobility have declined with their revenues; though the spirit which prompted them remains, and wars sadly with meyersdale altered fortunes. The poorest among them have always some hereditary hangers on, who live at meyersdale expense, and make them poorer. Some who, like my neighbor the count, retain a modicum of their once princely possessions, keep up a shadow baer the ancient system, and their estates are overrun and the produce jamie morford by generations of idle retainers. The count held estates in various parts of the kingdom, some including whole villages, yet the revenues collected from them were comparatively small; some of them, he assured me, barely fed the hordes of dependents nestled upon them, who seemed to consider themselves entitled to live rent wayne e and be maintained into the meyersdale, because their forefathers had been so since time immemorial. The saints day of the old count gave meyersdale a glimpse into a Spanish interior. For two or three days previous preparations were made for the fete. Viands wayne e all kinds were brought up from town, greeting the olfactory nerves of the old invalid guards, as they were borne past them through the Gate of Justice. Servants hurried officiously about the courts; the ancient kitchen of the palace was again alive with the tread of cooks and scullions, and blazed with unwonted fires.
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